Monday, January 24, 2011

it never turns out as one expected

A new artwork should be a unique thing. A birth. Bringing a new face into the world through the human spirit. The artist should call forth all of her energy, her sincerity, and the greatest possible modesty in order to push aside the old cliches that come so readily and can suffocate the small flower which itself never turns out as one expected.

The text is from JAZZ by Henri Matisse.
The images are of the reverse sewing I did today.


  1. an ethereal fringe. heavenly is the word that came to mind.thanks for sharing

  2. i love that last image with its fine rime of sky on fields of snow--ohhhhhhhhh--traces of life and joy left

  3. i love the last photo with the scars left behind...

  4. birth is an undoing

  5. Anonymous12:11 pm

    i like the leftovers.

  6. Birth is an undoing. Thanks for those words, Jude.

    An undoing from the mother's womb.

    I am going to follow through on this kind of un-stitching. See where it leads me.

    Thanks for everyone's encouragement. Totally unexpected.

  7. that trace of blue is beautiful

  8. exquisite
    what remains
    when what was there
    is removed

    that last image is
    a poem itself.


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