Friday, January 21, 2011

Memory Lane in winter

We lived in Kenora, North Western Ontario for ten years. These photos were taken through the kitchen window. Our two youngest children were born in Kenora. Ned made a sand box and play structure for the back yard and I 'experimented' with quilting. Last night I was doing another big studio clean out and found this silk and photo wall piece. I can't believe the puff paint, but there it is.

For the full view, visit 100 quilts.


  1. smiling over the puffy paint and enjoying your reminiscence...

  2. Anonymous4:22 pm

    i like it.
    puffy paint and all.

    materials have advanced at an astonishing rate.

    looking back at late 90s quilt magazines.

  3. mom omg. i can just hear you saying that puff paint comment. hahahah i am laughing out loud. you're the best and i love that piece.

  4. I can imagine her saying it too, April. This piece makes me nostalgic in a very good way. xoxo

  5. been to kenora to a lutheran camp some summers ago...beautiful area!


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