Tuesday, October 06, 2009

waiting, walking

We went for a walk this morning, yellow leaves still falling like rain. We met a moose, which apparently is no big deal in Anchorage. Advice? Just be quiet for a while.


  1. I know they must be frightening but I would love to see a moose somewhat close. Urban living doesn't give one much of an opportunity to see much wildlife. I long for a long drive across this province (or country would be better.) Haven't done it in years.

  2. Dolores, I think that you should time table such a trip into your life next year. I remember your comment about my post about my trip across the top of Lake Superior which gave such grand vistas.
    This visit to Alaska also makes me more aware of how large and grand the world is. This moose was very close to where my daughter and her family live. WE WERE VERY CLOSE to it. I was a bit freaked out, but Oona and Everett were so calm. We just stayed quiet and let it move on where it joined its mother.

  3. What a beautiful blog! I love your drawings.


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