Thursday, October 08, 2009


I used my daughter's serger and made these things for the baby.

about patience
about gentleness
about craft
about something new
about enchantment
about understanding

about a kind of reverence to be handed down as a tradition


  1. oh yes oh yes. i returned to stitching when my daughter was pregnant with her first child. after a long absence from fabric, fiber and thread i was overwhelmed by the textures and fragrances in the shop. what a treat it was to make little soft blankets, sacks and nightgowns. it was a coming full circle from doing the same when pregnant for my first child. oh i loved your post and how it reminded me of lovely pleasant things. thank you

  2. I am enjoying the simplicity of making domestic littles for the new baby and playing puzzles with the 3 year old soon to be big brother.
    Using a serger was mind boggling.

    Thanks for such a nice response, pat.

  3. a beautiful post! I hope you're enjoying that sweet, beautiful baby.


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