Monday, October 05, 2009


Our luggage took an extra day to arrive in Anchorage. The first thing I unpacked was this quilt that I brought to work on while Ned and I are here. I spread it out on the bed and petted it.

One of the things we've done while waiting for the new babe is visit nearby Goose Lake.


  1. What a magnificent quilt, from this view it reminds me of some very old beautiful fabrics I bought in Japan a few years ago.

  2. wow. i love this so much.

  3. Thank you for those nice compliments. It's interesting that you are both reminded of Japan - I visited your website Jared and loved the Japanese aesthetic that you have focused on there.
    The quilt is entirely made of silk and I am stitching it with silk and linen threads. It's like I am embroidering it. The silk is from India I belive.


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