Thursday, April 30, 2009

French Knots

French knots. A door in the abbey at Mont St Michel, France.

I stayed up late last night to do some internet gallery hopping. Always interested in what textile or diaristic ART is being produced (and shown in commercial spaces) I found some interesting work. These are all from the David Kaye Gallery in Toronto.
Valerie Knapp "My textile based pieces are dedicated to making. My compositions evolve from ideas of memory, concealment, time."
Sylvia Ptak "her work is born from an elaborate and almost obsessive desire to produce page after page of writing you cannot read, and to generate clouds of meaning you cannot fathom."
Norah Deacon - lace like paper about family and vulnerability
Judith Dingle - iconic elliptical mixed media constructions
Rosalind Goss - "A few years ago I began to scribble down things said to me and by me on scraps of paper. Getting the exact words down on paper gave me a sense of containment."
Katja Jacobs - encaustic paintings - she treats her canvases as over-size diaries, writing them in alphabets we cannot read.


  1. That is a pretty great door. It really does look textile-y.

  2. Beautiful site..I will definitely visit again!


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