Friday, March 13, 2009


Three layers of linen hand quilted with stem stitch embroidery and densely packed running stitches. Huge jagged leaves tumble all around, the spaces between them filled with obsessive stitching. There are just so many things to worry about.

The tumbling giant leaves refer to the overwhelming immensity of the environmental problems we face today. They refer to the frightening impenetrability of the forest, lakes, rivers, and mountains that faced the pioneers. They refer to Canada itself, a place where leaves change colour and fall from the trees in the autumn and where snow falls from the sky in the winter.


  1. The texture and shapes of white on white are subtle but so evocative.This is very appealing.Might there be a hint of colour in one leaf-a tiny statement of hope or intent? Or just the pale ghosts of leaves?

  2. this is absolutely gorgeous. the contrast of the textures and how it highlights the surface tension. i love it.


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