Thursday, March 12, 2009


I gave this quilt to Yvonne about twenty years ago. I wanted her to remember me when she was home in New Zealand. She'd been in Canada for a period of time working as a nurse in Northern Ontario and we had met during the early days of my marriage.

The blocks were given to me by Doris, the first neighbour we met when we moved to Kenora in 1983. Doris had noticed that I liked to quilt and handed me an unfinished pile of 9-patches made from sugar sacking and striped cotton. I added flowered fabric and appliqued a heart on a single blue block so that I could call the finished piece "Patch of Blue". These images are scanned from the only two slides I have of the piece. (I remember that I used a cotton muslin fabric for the backing that was really difficult to hand stitch. Dear Yvonne. Hello if you are reading this!


  1. this is a lovely little folk quilt. isn't it annoying when a fabric fights the stitch? just catching up on blog reading. great stuff here.

  2. I have spent ages reading your Blog tonight and loved every bit. Thanks for the inspirations!


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