Thursday, December 11, 2008

women, cloth, and art

slipping glimpser, 2008

I've made a list of artists I like who use cloth as a language. Maybe because Eva Hesse, Louise Bourgeois, Mona Hatoum and Kiki Smith use 'male' materials as well as cloth, they have been included in main stream art history texts. Most of the rest, however, are relegated to textile or feminist art books. They are all on the web however and I encourage you to google their names.

Susan Taber Avila - born 1960
Janet Cooper - born 1937
Silja Puranen - born 1961 (Finland)
Piila Saksela - born 1938 (Finland) smocked paper
Aino Kajaniemi - born 1955 (Finland)
Do Ho Suh - (man)born 1962 (Korea)
Ke Sook Lee - Korea - embroidery on domestic textiles
Alice Kettle - born 1961 - famous in England
Polly Binns - born 1950
Nancy Crow - modernist quilts
Jean Williams Cacicedo - felted wool
Noriko Narahira - born 1948 - Japan
Koji Takaki - born 1954 - cloth walls
Pamela Fitzsimmons - born 1948 -stitch and natural dye
Naldda Searles - born 1945 - nature
Betty Goodwin - Canadian
Ann Hamilton - born 1956 - installations
Mona Hatoum - born 1952
Susan Hiller - born 1940 - psychoanalysis
Jeanette Appleton - born 1949
Nicola Henley - born 1960
Susan Lordi Marker - born 1954
Kyoung Ae Cho - born 1963 - nature
Andrea Zittel - born 1965 - environments


  1. This is fabulous information. Thank you so much! I've scheduled a link to this post to go live on my blog tomorrow morning. I hope it brings you a few extra clicks.


  2. Hi Judy, is your essay on cloth as language? Mine is on artists who work with clothing. Lesley

  3. Lesley, I'm writing an essay about techniques that challenge modernism. I've chosen three artists who work in a variety of techniques. I came across these artists when deciding on my topic. One of my artists is Ann Hamilton, and I was surprised that she was not included in any mainstream art history books - she's been working with installations using fabric since the 1980's.
    So no, it's not on cloth as language although that would be a great topic. I think that clothing is a great topic, you must be enjoying that.

  4. wow. great piece and fabulous list of artists. i have recently been keeping a list of artists who use language and lesley dill is one of my favs! another artist, who i recently discovered, is jenny holzer. she doesn't use stitch, but has a great way with language and words. her current exhibit is up at mca chicago.


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