Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Seeking a Toronto Gallery

In the Centre of the Body is the Soul 1996

At present I have two commercial spaces that represent my work. The Perivale Gallery here on Manitoulin is a beautiful space but is only open between May and September. I place one quilt there and several new paintings each season. I also show my work through the Art Gallery of Sudbury Art Rental (year round) but they have no room for quilts.

Two years ago I started to make attempts to hook up with a Toronto gallery and there was some interest but nothing happened in the end. I was not assertive. Many things happened in my personal life and they took precedence.

However, I understand that everything is connected and that there is a loop between commercial 'dealers' and RW (art world)success. I have to try again to find a gallery in the city even though it is so time consuming and I feel so vulnerable when I do it.

I've held this piece back for a long time, but it will be one of the ones I'm going to put out there.

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