Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Distinguished Artist

I have been invited to be the distinguished artist for next summer's LaCloche Art Show. This is quite a local honour, and today I said "yes". I said "thanks for asking me".

I dithered a bit because the exhibit shows the best of, shall we say, tradtional art work. It's made up of watercolour, oil, and acrylic paintings - most of them landscapes, tons of nature photography, a small selection of mixed media work and one or two sculptures. Although textile work is sometimes included (and called mixed media), there are no quilts included in the 180+ artworks. No free-hanging cloth-thingeys.

The featured artist (moi) is required to create a small exhibition, donate a painting, jury the show and give a presentation on some technique. Will this challenge be a good thing for both parties? Dates of the exhibit - July 4 - 12 2009.


  1. Congratulations Judy. It sounds like a well deserved regognition of your stature as an artist.

  2. What a fabulous thing to be offered-it might just give you the chance to be a little bit subversive....


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