Saturday, April 19, 2008

where angels fear to tread

Here's a photo of my new embroidered quilt before I threw it the washing machine to felt it. I'm very interested in the felting process and in the (quite often) lovely result. I followed Ju Ju's advice and purchased this book (after doing the deed). Well, I didn't know what I didn't know. I'll post the results sometime later this week. For now let's just say that fools rush in.


  1. Lovely result - so textural and rather eye-popping! I hope you'll post some detail photos. I recall when you showed us the basic quilt at the workshop in Kingston and mused on what direction it would go in. What a wonderful transformation!


  2. Judy, I love the textured look of this quilt. Before I read your text, I requested a larger view of the quilt. I like the surface pieces and large stitching that you have placed on the base. Very nice, brings me in closer. I can't wait to see the washed version.


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