Friday, April 18, 2008

New Work for the Perivale

This is the newest piece that I will be exhibiting at the Perivale gallery this season. I just finished it yesterday, there is a detail in the updates. I've been so lucky to be able to exhibit at this Manitoulin Island art gallery every year since we've moved here. The gallery is a treasure box. This year I will be showing seven works on paper as well as the Moisture and Greenness quilt.


  1. Janet3:08 am

    watercolors work on fabric??

  2. Janet, this is a paper quilt. I painted on paper, then cut up the painting. Stitched into the circles and some of the baskets with machine, and then stitched the pieces to fabric. In between the edges of each piece of paper is couched torn dyed fabric. The whole thing was then mounted on a piece of 300 pound watercolour paper before being framed under glass.
    But to answer your original question, yes watercolours work on fabric. I'll be posting some of my watercolour paintings on fabric soon, as I'll be exhibiting those at the Perivale as well this year.


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