Sunday, April 20, 2008

Reading again

Q. How is it possible to read three different novels in one day?
A. Audio books.

I listened to the most excellent Margaret Atwood novel, The Robber Bride this morning while stitching. At my studio in the afternoon I listened to Running With Scissors, an autobiographical thing by Augusten Burroughs. Earlier in the morning I completed my usual two chapters of the latest Giller Prize winner, Late Nights on Air by Elizabeth Hay. Elizabeth Hay writes like how I want to make art. She has such an easy style yet there's a haunting depth that lasts all day. I'm on the last chapter of all three of these.

Pictured is the felted result of my wool embroidery pinned to my studio wall as I try to make the central area square by using heat, moisture and stretching.


  1. THanks for reminding me that I have to pay my library fines before I can check out another book on CD.

    If you haven't heard "cold Mountain" read by the author, it's great.

    Also, "more than you know". Period (any) novels take me to another me.

  2. I just love this quilt - the way it glows and the wonderful texture( so many people don't stitch enough, it makes such a big difference to the structure)

    I too have started listening to audiobooks - when I signed up to a years subscription to Audible, I got a free ipod! I had Colin Thubrons' On the Silk Road' and Dickens 'Little Dorrit' (hard going!) when I was travelling in Iran and have enjoyed 'rereading' old favourites such as 'Greengage Summer' along with making new discoveries. 'The Matchmaker of Perigord' was my last listen.

  3. Nice felted piece. Thanks for showing us after it washed.

  4. Sorry, I left out "was" in "thanks for showing us after it was washed". I think I'm rushing too much in fear that I'll be late for work.


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