Sunday, April 13, 2008


My work is changing so much and so fast. I wake up every day knowing nothing. Art work begun a year ago seems as if from another life and I have no desire to complete it. Everything is different. Everything is new. Everything is interesting. My days are packed.

Change from psychic symbol to material symbol.
Change from depression to elation.
Change from pen to brush.
Change from brush to stick.
Change from viewing outwards to viewing inward.
Eva Hesse


  1. Can you pinpoint the catalyst for all this change? Can you bottle some while you are at it?

  2. Deb, I think that it is my studies with the English textile school, OPUS. I am studying for a BA in embroidered textiles, and the course is very rigorous. It's pretty expensive, but I really do feel that it is worth it. I am changed. I've also lost my mom, have an empty nest, a new separate studio from my house and am retiring from my real job soon. All of those are factors as well, I'm sure. Thanks for being there for me Deb.

  3. Dear Judy,
    It's amazing how much change can take place from day to day. It's even more amazing when you have that moment where you can sit back and recognize all of this change...and embrace it.

    I LOVE your work and always look forward to seeing what other beautiful creations you've got to share. I'm still surprised that we haven't run into each other on the Island yet! ;)


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