Thursday, September 27, 2007

broken dishes

Q: How did you source your materials?
A: There were not many fabrics suitable for quilting in 1970 and I combined recycled clothing in a variety of weights with an old curtain to stitch my first quilt. It has not survived. DMC embroidery floss was available from the local five and dime. When I was excpecting my first child I embroidered several blouses based on Eastern European designs adapted for maternity wear. I did a lot of smocking and some embroidery for my baby Oona, born 1978.

Q: How did you source your designs?
A: I adapted sewing patterns and used embroidery designs I found in craft magazines. I taught myself from diagrams, and still have some of these maternity blouses. I was also knitting and crocheting at the time and had a big collection of knitting magazines. I used traditional quilt patterns such as Dresden plate and Log Cabin for the first ten years.
When Ned and I travelled though Western Europe in 1974 and 1975, a new magazine entitled Craft originated in Great Britain was available on the Fort Frances newstands. I asked my mother to collect them for me when we were gone (for over a year) and she did so. I still have these magazines which I have kept because of the quality of the images.

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