Friday, February 02, 2018

a work in progress

Easily inspired.

I got this quilt top out last week to finish up with batt and backing but changed my mind.

All I really love is the central pinwheel square.
So I removed all the red and stitched it back together much simpler.

In my work I use the same methods again and again,
but each whirl around the spiral gets me closer to my truth
as I do, undo, re-do
(Louise Bourgeois' mantra)

yes, there is a loss of what I knew before
but it's important also to lose what I think I know now

because in order to create something new it is necessary to enter into the unknown

be alert
don't try too hard
go slow  (Agnes Martin's mantra)
I've come back to dots.

I try to make cloths that excite my eye and touch my emotions

it seems to take courage
We are always afraid of falling.  L.B.


Margaret said...

The texture and dimension of your 'dots' brings to my mind Penny Berens' stones. Have you seen them? You may be soul sisters in stitch...

Mo Crow said...

(((Judy))) thank you for sharing these moments of metamorphosis in your work

Roxanne said...

When life gives you a punch in the stomach, a good quote is the best tonic.
Reminding me that growth happens in the mud. Thanks, Judy.

Judy Martin said...

Margaret - Yes, Penny and I are sisters in stitch - we are having an exhibition this coming summer in Halifax Nova Scotia - entitled Cloth of Time. About our daily practices of stitching.

and Roxanne - yes - both dark and light are needed for growth

and Mo - your constant support amazes and sustains me thank you xx