Tuesday, February 06, 2018

life's a beach

Living near the water and sky keeps me in awe of the power and beauty of nature.  Watching the weather seems to put me into a reverie and I find myself pondering life and how fast time goes by.  Manitoulin's famous wildflowers are another source of wonder, and I am learning so much about them as I try to find original ways to paint them. However, my very favourite topic for paintings is my own children.  They are growing up so fast and I love to paint them near the water.  Like all parents I am concerned for their future in a world that is not always so safe or beautiful.

Judith Martin 2002

This winter I have been having more difficulty than usual with blogging.  Three reasons:

1.  I have been making a lot of new work - all in the rough design stage and my mind and heart have been with these new pieces.  Matisse famously said "cut off your tongue" when in the act of making art.,  Perhaps that's why I am at a loss for what to say here.

2.  Every day I've been I doing a little gentle art of swedish death cleaning.  As I go through my stuffed drawers and shelves and toss or give away something every single day, I am finding my past life and am flooded with memories. This explains why some posts are aboout my early work and the importance of motherhood within that work. (For example, the image and statementat the top of this post are from an exhibition I had 15 years ago in the local museum.)

3. I've been working on my left leg.  A yoga class, a swimming class, my phsyio-daily exercises. These things take me away from my work and blog. 

Thank you for continuing to read what I do put up here.  I appreciate your support.


  1. ....we were pondering the same things today, thanks fof sharing

  2. So grateful for my open space.

  3. (((Judy))) everything in it's own time, may your leg heal perfectly so you can walk with ease and dance the night away!

  4. Friend, restoration of your health is first and foremost. Always good to spend time with you via the net. Blessings.

  5. Judy, I always enjoy your posts, they are very inspiring!

  6. I enjoy your posts a lot, even though I also do not have enough time to read them as you publish. I find all of them in my Feedly reader when I find a quiet moment, so I haven't noticed what you say. I am amazed at how you find time to manage all of your activities and still be so creative!


Thank you for taking the time to connect. Much appreciated.xx