Monday, January 29, 2018

my dear friend

only the earth lives forever  judy martin 2008  shirt fragment, paper, thread, painted fabric border, mounted on canvas
whatever you are is what you are
manitoulin barn montage (detail) judy martin 2008  photography, mylar, acryilc marker
wounds, secrets, delights, fears, beauty
all enfolded into the immensity of a loving mystery
bundled journal pages, sealed with hot wax, judy martin 2008

all of you is enough
judy martin 2018

The images of my art are from 2008 digital files (that's ten years ago). 
I thought it would be easy to sort them out, but it's not.

The portrait at the bottom was taken last week.
The text is a fragment from a longer poem by Sudbury poet-artist-friend  Ray Laporte


  1. love seeing these works from 10 years ago and your quiet reflection

  2. What an interesting idea-- to bundle journal pages like that. I'm so torn at this stage in my life-- toss or save the pages that I may not want my kids to read eventually? It feels like if I got rid of them I'd be getting rid of parts of my history, good or bad. But to make art from them makes them inaccessible but still there. I like that.

  3. Are your journal pages private thoughts? Do you want to preserve them, but not share them? Do you think it would be a burden to others if they were to be read? I understand your need to preserve them, because they were your life experiences, or what you thought about your life. I don't know if they are better kept private. If your children read them, they might know you better. Is that a worthy goal? Or is remaining apart important to you?
    It might be nice to be apart, so that when you die you can be like smoke, and disappear in time, instead of being like a stain on the memory of others.

  4. love seeing older pieces of art, fun to look back and reflect, you look calm


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