Monday, June 09, 2014

dyeing for beauty

 beauty crowds me till I die
 beauty, mercy have on me
 but if I expire today
let it be in sight of thee
 text by Emily Dickinson
indigo for the wedding


arlee said...

"Blue, blue, my world is blue"

Judy Martin said...

My world has been blue for the last five days.

Margaret said...

Moons of Jude on your blue skies -- or are they suns? A foretaste of summer?

Jennifer said...

Lovely! Will you be able to share a photo or two of the wedding so we see the beauty all gathered in one place?

Judy Martin said...

I will share some photos, Jennifer. Date of wedding is June 21.

Sweetpea said...

My favorite kind of clothesline ;>]]

Judy Martin said...

Baa Baa Judio, have you any indigo?

Yes maam, yes maam, three lines full!

24 table runners, each 100-115" long, all paste resisted with dots, dyed with indigo -

A variety of fabrics. Wool, silk, linen, cotton - all took the dye differently, resulting in every tone of indigo from pastel to intense.

I did enjoy it.

mansuetude said...

" Estranged from Beauty -- none can be -- / For Beauty is Infinity-- "

" One and One -- are One --
Two -- be finished using -- "

Dana said...

The wedding is going to be so pretty.

wholly jeanne said...

My son got married 5/24, and I'm enjoying your wedding preparations a whole lot more than I enjoyed mine;) I'm still trying to get rested up enough to write about it.

wholly jeanne said...

Forgot to say how lovely and intriguing these cloths are. Look forward to seeing them in action.

Els said...

So very beautiful blue ... ;-)

Threadpainter said...

Oh what a lovely table you set !