Friday, June 13, 2014

the belgo building

There are many excellent exhibitions currently on at the Belgo Building, St Catherine's street, Montreal. This post is a really brief summary of only four artists exhibiting this month. (I chose them because of their use of tactile materials)  All photos in this post are by me, taken quickly during our visit yesterday.  Thank you to the artists and the galleries.  I have included links to their websites.
John Heward's self portraits in the galerie roger bellemare connected with me very strongly.  The fabrics were painted on several mis-matched pieces of rayon and cotton fabrics, clipped together, the clips also serving to hang the pieces.
Sarah Bertrand Hamel's exhibition, Inhabiting,  at the Joyce Yahouda Gallery was her Concordia University's MFA thesis exhibition.
Her large stitched paper pieces reference quilt making and mosaics and were beautifully suspended from birch stands so that both sides of the work were visible.
hand made japanese paper, sewing machine thread
The artist used Japanese methods and materials.

Nathalie Grimard embroiders large panels of canvas with line drawings that reference memories.
The title of the exhibition is 'des souvenirs incertains"  an exploration of the uncertainties and fragility of  memory beautifully executed with the tenuous line hand stitch provides so well.
  Life size.  This exhibit at galerie trois points.

Emily Hermant's exhibition, Spatial drawings, was made up of large scale works made of wood that twist and stretch through the large gallery space in Circa gallery.
Emily was April's professeur for fibres and materials study at Concordia.  
I was very glad that we were able to spend even a short amount of time in the Belgo building .  We are very busy packing as she is moving from Montreal.


  1. Yes, the contemporary art scene in Montreal is really fab.

    I've been able to take it in on the visits to April and Andrew over the 8 years she''s lived in the city - and will miss it.

    Concordia university has provided Canada with a lot of top artists.

  2. Oh I like these thoughts on line Judy!
    "'des souvenirs incertains" an exploration of the uncertainties and fragility of memory beautifully executed with the tenuous line hand stitch provides so well."
    am thinking a lot about line at the moment, as a concept, as a way of working and as something to hold onto in an uncertain world...

  3. I would have loved to see these artists ! Very intrigued by the paper artist ! Lucky you.

  4. Sarah Bertrand Hamel's works have impressed me. I have visited her portfolio and her work with paper is really stunning.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. i get to see all kinds of intriguing, thought-provoking art through you. while i find so many of the works mesmerizing, it'll probably tell you a lot about where i am right now when i say that i'm quite smitten with the birch "frame" or "stand". thank you, miss tour guide.

  6. Great " building". All puns intended.
    Thank you, also intended.

  7. I just spent half an hour re reading your blog Judy. There is something soothing about doing that. I feel good when I see your work and see your hand and see your stitches. I like all your outdoor photos, the movement of the fabric dancing in the breeze. When I read your words I hear your calm voice.


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