Monday, June 23, 2014


 Mr and Mrs
 with father and
pine cone boys
who is the better cook?
new wedding flag for the cottage
the couple was sung Handle Me With Care by the guests


  1. Wishing the Mr and Mrs much happiness and laughter to go along with all that love.

  2. Beautiful wedding! Amazing video link! Thank you for sharing....

  3. Blessings be upon you all.
    Such a handsome couple. Love the shoe photo and the housting of a new flag.

  4. Wishing the happy couple a lifetime of shared happiness, laughter and love

  5. It looks like a lovely wedding. Congrats to all.

  6. How lovely to see such fresh happiness. Hope that carries them through their future together. Lovely song too

  7. The ceremony took place on a rock close to our cottage. Buffy's rock - named after a family dog who would lie out there. My children loved to jump off Buffy's rock, do back flips etc - lounge in the sun - for April's entire life.

    Andrew and April have been together for eight years. They have travelled the USA, Turkey, across Canada, Spain, Paris, Finland etc.

    The reception was at the local community centre and was catered by Matt, Oona's husband. (Oona baked 12 pies - there was no wedding cake). The welcome dinner was prepared by Asan, Grace's husband.

    Assistance in the food prep was provided by Andrew's relatives and by several of April's long time friends.

    Quilts and hand dyed textiles (by moi) and wabi sabi ceramics (by April the bride) were the main decor elements.
    Centrepieces were low plantings which I will show in another post, and were conceived by the bride and carried out by Kerri and Julie, two of her friends.

    All in all, a beautiful family wedding. The weather could not have been better for the entire 4 day event - (preceded by a 2 day sleep over of her twenty friends at the cottage - ....

    memorable xx

  8. now THAT'S how to wed!

  9. I am glad for the happiness of your family.

  10. Lovely...what could be more hopeful than this wedding?

  11. Congratulations to the (now officially but already experienced) Mr and Mrs ;-)
    Thanks Judy, for the story ! what a swell party it must have been

  12. such a well-thought-out, beautiful, hand-created wedding. i look forward to more photos of centrepieces and anything else you're a mind to share. just beautiful. and meaningful. and memorable. it all - and everybody in it - looks so very delighted.


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