Thursday, June 05, 2014

blue willow cloth

Blue willow cloth for April's wedding, inspired by the blue willow dishes at the cottage.
Fly with the birds of the air
Fly with the wasps of the hill

Swim with the sea-going whale
For they are swiftest

Be upon the clouds of the sky
For they are the rainiest

Be upon the river's current
Cascading to the sea 
                                                               traditional Irish blessing of the bride and groom


  1. Jane Drolet7:41 am

    Love it!

  2. Oh my Judy ! very lovely !

    It looks like you pinned/sewed a piece of blue behind, then did the reverse leaves .... and then you cut the extra away ???

  3. Yes, Els.

    These are reverse applique. Each takes nearly 2 hours to do.

  4. This is SO beautiful, Judy!

  5. Very beautiful blue will cloth! The Irish blessing is also beautiful

  6. air and sea..beautiful

  7. It turned out great! It will be a wonderful accent at the wedding.

  8. lovely. i love the consistency, history and the care.

  9. the blessing is beautiful and so is your project

  10. What do you mean, Judy? Two hours each leaf? It makes sense for me, though some people think it is too much. Time to stitch is so important... I need it in my life and I am glad to know that you put so much time in your works, because I think I need it as well.


  11. Montse
    two hours for each motif - sixteen petals and a central dot

    Not quite two hours - more one hour and 40 minutes for each of the circles - and there are 22 motifs.

    time yes - but not a marathon of time. Just the right amount of time was spent on this cloth.

  12. will it grace a table, Judy? i can picture it with LED lights under the table to make the motifs glow.

  13. The plan for this cloth is that it will hang vertically behind the bride and groom, suspended from a stand on a low stage where the people who speak at the reception will be. It will frame people - be a focal point.

    At least that's the plan....shall see.

  14. That design makes me think of pies- the nice shapes that happen while the crust cooks in the oven.

  15. So inspiring work. I work on a little bit of reverse appliqué and all the while I thought of your work! Hugs Nat

  16. that will be a beautiful backdrop! and all the other indigo cloths...wonderful.


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