Friday, August 02, 2013

Happy Leaf quilt

My sister in law Margaret started quilting about fifteen years ago.  She makes beautiful traditional bed quilts completely by hand.   All her work is gifted to family members.
This leaf quilt is Margaret's original design.  Each leaf hand pieced within different sized white surrounds, it was a challenge to put together.   Tom and Marg use it at their cottage.
A stunner.
Sharing it here.

Summer is zooming by and I have been so busy with exhibition prep.   Not able to think.


Najlaa said...

Great work and lovely colours

cara jualan di facebook said...

interesting topic, I like this make my knowledge increases. I bookmarked this page, I will come back another time. Thank you very much

Lavendelhaus said...

Wow, beautiful quilt.

Margaret said...

"a stunner" is putting it mildly. Beautifully done!

jude said...

oh, happy cloth. wonderful

blandina said...

This is SO beautiful, congratulations to your sister for her creativity.