Friday, June 14, 2024

All the Time in the World

you are a single star - finishing the quilting 
a week ago

When I run after what I think I want

                            you are a single star - sewing on the binding - in the car on way to cottage                                         Thursday June 6

My days are a furnace

love the soul inside of me  - making a sleeve
Friday June 7 

of stress and anxiety. 

the good and the true - making a display sleeve for it
Saturday June 8

If I sit in my own place of patience, 

Ned's 75th

what I need flows to me, 

April with some of her work at the cottage
Monday June 10

and without pain.  

Ben holding up my Cloudy Day piece 
Monday June 10

From this I understand that

home on Manitoulin with my garden
Tuesday June 11

what I want also wants me, 

The promotion for the interview begins
Wednesday June 12

is looking for me and attracting me.  

making a sleeve for your fragile life
Thursday June 13

There is a great secret here

love meditation: intimacy and new sleeve
Thursday June 13

For anyone who can grasp it.          Rumi

Friday June 14

Click HERE to view the hour long interview on YouTube.  Thank you Fibre Arts Take Two!  


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the link to the interview. It's always so interesting to hear you talk about your work. I enjoyed it very much. Beth from Still Life Pond

Ann Hankins said...

Beautiful work

Theresa S said...

You are so real .I loved hearing your thoughts on your work and that you study art everyday. What a beautiful life.

Nancy said...

Oh, I bet the weight of the cloth and the texture of the stitches underhand ...I bet it feels so good. What a special honor it must be to share artwork with your daughter, to have that bond. A blessing.