Sunday, March 24, 2024

The ice went out

March 1 2024

When we left on our road trip at the beginning of March, the ice still covered Manitowaning Bay,  

and while we were gone, the ice went out.  

March 15 2024

Over the past few days, I've finished the couching on my new wool textile.  I love to hold the heavy cloth.   I love to run my hand over the dense threads.  I love how the six strands of cotton floss have a sheen and the red sewing thread that holds it has a strength.

Did you know that the back is red silk?  

Last Thursday, I placed an organza circle and regarded it.  What should I do?  I worried and obsessed for a complete day.  It was snowing outside.

Ann Clarke, RCA acrylic painter, at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre in Kingston Ontario, 2024.

By the way, one of the reasons that we made the trip to Eastern Ontario was so that I could attend an artist talk by my former Lakehead University painting teacher.  She was having a 6 decade retrospective at the Agnes Etherington gallery in Kingston.  My sister, Nancy, and I went together.  When it was time for me to graduate from LU in 1993, it turned out that I needed a painting credit and Ann Clarke had just arrived in Thunder Bay.  I was privileged to have this dedicated abstract painter as one of my advisors and teachers.  I wrote about her retrospective on the Modernist Aesthetic blog, please go have a look.  
March 18

March 23
This view.

It is very important to my work.  I lose myself in it.  

Sacred Ground by Judy Martin, wool and hand stitch.  


Anonymous said...

Oh I so wish we lived on the water as you do! It is in my soul and I am so happy you get to experience the ebb and flow of the seasons on the water. I visit a cottage in Tobermory once a year and relax into the peaceful space with joy. Be well

Anonymous said...

Just read my email collection of all your works! Such an inpiration for a novice who sews tiny and slow. The red threaded couching fabulous! Your greens with red spirals for the family loss took me away. Hard to admire on a phone screen but with zoom it got so much better. much love for all of it. Cj

Judy Martin said...

Thank you! The daily view of sky and changing water feeds my spirit very much. Thank you for commenting. I apologize for blogger security that makes doing so difficult. X

Judy Martin said...

I appreciate your comments very much. Thank you for reading all the links. Xo

Threadpainter said...

A good read as always, Judy. Love your thoughts, feelings, photos and glimpses into your life. Those little girls are adorable !
Thank you as well for Vija Celmins ... she interests me and I will read more.

Nancy said...

That framed view is something. Bird in flight, pink sky, and water :)
Had a quick scroll over at Nancy's place. I really liked Dragonfly Dance. Two very talented sisters!

Bethany G said...

I wander through your posts, some many years old, Judy, and take in the beauty and strength of the stories and the lifetime commitment you have made to your art and the individual pieces of work. I certainly celebrated the talk with Ann Clark while she was at the Agnes. You were blessed! I did not know she had been your mentor/Instructor until you stopped by my studio....

I love seeing your SACRED GROUND here, and am once again in awe of the beautiful wool art, hand stitch and the circle and crosses... so beautifully executed. Your art is your blessing, shared with each of us, one stitch at a time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that amazing view. Water views are so peaceful and seeing winter ebb is both soulful and promising of spring to come. I see the same peaceful quality in your work.