Monday, June 14, 2021

unfolding in the trees not thinking

A vertical piece, like a tower.

Like something from another century.

with stairways that go up to the attic

where there is a fairy window

where there is a daydream.

where there is poetry

where there are no storms

not really

where we stop reading

where we stop thinking

where we recognize 

yet continue upwards

past the round window 

that doesn't open

towards the ceiling

so high 

it's a narrow space

like I said, it's a tower

it's intimate, close and soft

and dreamy

the round window watches 

it sees your memory

it views your dream 

oh your serene face

I know it's a cover up

I know it's a blanket

I know you are alone


Roxanne said...

Poetry all around. I wish to live there.

Janice Turner said...


Julierose said...

Such a lovely piece and thoughts....just a beautifully crafted work, Judy. To me, the brown bottom pieces are earthbound rocks and the top pieces are motes in the air...I can feel the breezes moving them around....

I love how you put those elements together...nice work hugs, Julierose

Liz A said...

this holds so many stories ... I am beyond amazed ... each image a totally new point of view, how one might perceive the whole ... and then the words ... the words

Mo Crow said...

(((Judy))) this is so beautiful, you really had me wondering where this one would take you, the true magic of Art!

Judy Martin said...

Dear Liz
Thank you sweetheart for this comment. Writing is so scary, it comes nearly close to what I want to say, but not really ❤️

Lorraine Roy said...

Such warm, thoughtful, powerful words. Perfect foils for your works.