Monday, March 08, 2021

a universe

The light is changing.
There is morning light in our bedroom.

In the evenings I'm watching: Steve McQueen's Small Axe series 
This post is just photos of four quilts piled on our bed.
I don't have any words to go with them.  
I guess my thoughts are in my quilts this week.
They are a kind of universe.


Unknown said...

They're beautiful- no words necessary...

Unknown said...

I'm Claudia Fisk, FB and unknown is the only way I got in!

Margaret said...

Quietude in quilts...and a good book (or two). Two Serious Ladies sounds intriguing, so I've ordered it in through our rural library system -- it has to be brought in from Edmonton, and so...I wait. :-)

Judy Martin said...

It is such an interesting book and a quick read. I am astonished on nearly every page. You will like it I think xo