Sunday, January 31, 2021

blessed be thy mercies

This post contains an update about the large wool stitching promised in early December
A week ago, I took it down to our beach to photograph.  The ice had just come in over night, and there was a light snow.  The wind was fairly strong and damp.  

I laid it out.  The reverse side up.

To make a large hand stitched piece like this requires commitment and endurance.  The Finnish word SISU comes to mind. 

The repeated gestures I make while stitching put me into that beautiful, huge, contemplative space inside me.  I think about mortality, I think about legacy, I think about love.  I can't believe that love ends.

Made from three wool blankets stitched together to make a long horizontal about 13 feet wide, this object is heavy and awkward to handle and the wind that day was cold.  

I left it on the beach for a while.   

It became a landscape.  .  

An interior landscape.

OMG, our lives are so brief and fragile and gorgeous.
Last week my family tragically lost one of our young beloved stars.  

These photos feel as if they are from a hundred years ago, not just a week.  

My brother's son, Paul, wrote the following text about Sarah to post today on twitter.  

Last Thursday my sister Sarah @cervelle passed away at the age of 38, having lived with cancer her entire life.  Her example of how to be a sibling, scientist and friend continues to inspire me.  The family is incredibly grateful for the outpouring of love and support from Sarah's friends around the world.  Sarah embodied SISU.


  1. So moving.😘 What a talented young woman. May you all be guided to peace once again. the.imperfect.dabbler

  2. Sincere wishes for you and your family that your wonderful memories of Sarah will warm your saddened hearts in the days to come...
    Hugs Julierose

  3. a comforter for Earth

  4. I am sorry for your loss. Your photos and words are beautiful and inspiring.

  5. My heart aches for young Paul as he lost his sister, and the whole family for their loss... your beautiful quilt reminds us all that life is fragile, and yet the strength and focused care that go into a life, as well as a quilt, are what take us forward day to day. Blessings and love to the family.

    1. Thank you Beth
      Sarah was a poet/scientist who loved Agnes Martin as an inspiring woman who dedicated her life to careful and thoughtful work.
      The photos were taken before I went to be with her. Xx

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  7. Just catching up - so sorry to hear of this sad loss. My sympathies to you and the rest of the family. What an inspiration.

  8. My sincere condolences to you and your family. May your beloved rest well and be remembered well in the hearts of those who loved her. xo


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