Tuesday, December 01, 2020

medium regular

a six week update for this blanket piece 
photographed outside before the snow  

It's difficult to see progress on something this large when it is in your lap. 

Three full sized blankets across.   

Two or three hours each evening, during the netflix date with Ned, downstairs by the woodstove.

The stitch I"m using is couching, beautiful on both sides.  I was told that the reverse side (above) looks like a drawing of a field of grass.  I love that idea.
The front of the piece is shown in the photo below.            
Velvet and wool and rayon couched  to those blankets with wool yarn.
Walter Benjamin said that an original work of art possess an aura.
He said that a work of art emanates metaphysical qualities that can not be transferred by the photographic representation of it.
Benjamin said that the aura of an artwork is inextricably linked to its actuality or to the context of its production.
At the heart of his thinking is a conviction that real things have a profound effect on people.
We know this is true of textiles - they communicate so much more when we are with them in real life, rather than viewing them on our phone or laptop screens. 
Yet here I am, once again sharing my experience of this large work with photographic reproduction in a blog post.
This very large, very tactile object that I am pouring time and labour into. 
Maybe you can still sense the aura.
I'll post about it again in six weeks.


  1. beautiful photos of your work in progress holding the spirits of place

  2. I understand about a photo may not fully transfer the soul of the textile art. But, this one speaks volumes to me! I just adore all the stitching in juxtaposition to the untouched fabric. The thread has just enough contrast without overpowering the rest of the artform. Adore it! Liz in Houston

  3. Amazing, peaceful and calming.

  4. Olá, bom dia! Passando para te desejar saúde, paz, e muita alegria!

  5. To wrap yourself in a piece this big, a gateway to where? I think he is right, the feel of the cloth speaks to one on so many levels. But, in this one, your cloth in the trees...I can almost imagine being there.

  6. Will this be filled 100% with couching? At the moment, my favorite stitch :-)

    1. Yes. I am filling he three blankets with couching. Sometimes I think that I should leave some places untouched with stitch, but not going to do BC that even though tempted. The 3 blankets will be filled with horizontal stitching. Thanks for asking


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