Thursday, October 15, 2020

Long was I hugged close, long and long (Walt Whitman)

I love this time of year, the colours and the gentle light
My husband makes piles of wood around our property
I've been working on this three-blanket-wide piece in my town studio, but I brought it home last month 
It was going so slowly there.  Now I work on in the evenings during our TV time.
The piece is inspired by the grandeur of the cambrian shield and the sliced-open immense rocks that line the northern highways that we drive through.  Time is made visible in those rock cuts.  
I'm covering the three blankets with a horizontal strata of plant-dyed fabrics, stitched with wool yarns.
The work is about touch and vulnerability and eternity. 

The reverse side is also beautiful I think.


Time is a material.   I add my loving pokes and pets and strokes and pulls and mends.  The fabric becomes energized, powerful.

"The clock indicates the moment - but what does eternity indicate? "  Walt Whitman


  1. Beautiful Judy.The plant dyed fabrics you are using certainly do represent the rock cuts perfectly. I have always loved the beauty in woodpiles. They represent order out of chaos to me.

  2. stunning, I would like to touch the stitching! To experience what you do each time you touch it

  3. I know those rocks. And your strata are beautiful.

  4. So amazing on its own, since I don't know these rocks :) But, I'd sure love to see 'em! I love the texture that is your work and that you put those logs to bed! Goodnight.

    1. Love that you said I put the logs to bed. Love it xx


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