Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Q How did you develop your skills?

Actually, I am not concerned about skill.

I am an amateur, (from the Latin verb amare: to love).  I do this work because I love it so much.

If I thought about whether I was doing things correctly, I wouldn't get nearly as much done.
My motto is ‘Plunge in and go Slow”.

I believe that if you have an idea, it’s important to begin while you are inspired.

With patience and self-study, I learned how to do the French knot.
I learned how to do mitered corners.  I learned how to ensure my triangles had crisp points.

These technical things were conquered when I needed to.
In this post, photos of my newest progress.

9-patch is a pattern that I find satisfying to make and be comforted by.


  1. I really enjoy your little Journals, Judy!
    They bring light into my life and a regard for what I did many years ago… thank you.

    Glenys x

  2. so beautiful, full of surprises, inspiring! thank you.

  3. (((Judy)))such a beautiful peaceful post full of light & love

  4. I keep coming back to this post for the last picture ... the blues and greens, your bare feet on sunlit wood decking, the long shadows, and the cloth, always the cloth

  5. Love all of the photos and especially the one on the deck withthe sun shining through the new 9-patch... and I love your stool! I need one...Cheers and be well and enjoy these beautiful days!

  6. Brilliant motto & breathtaking work. x

  7. You are such an inspiration. Thank you


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