Thursday, September 19, 2019

Briefly Gorgeous

 I watched the sun rise yesterday.  It happens around 7 am these days.
 For a short while, it was a neon scar in the cloud bank above the Wikwemikong penninsuala.
I was reminded of the novel I read last month where the author talked about the sunset and compared it to a human life.
"relative to the history of our planet,
an individual life is so short,
a blink of an eye - 
so gorgeous, even from the day you're born to the day you die,
be gorgeous only briefly....
the sun sinking in a few crushed minutes,
it changes the way things are seen, including ourselves -  
sunset, like survival,
exists only on the verge of its own disappearing.
To be gorgeous, you must first be seen..."  Ocean Vuong
 A sunrise is also briefly gorgeous, but more hopefuly so than a sunset.
 A sunrise promises an entire day ahead.
 Later that day, I started a new stitch project.
 Clear and simple.  Black and white.
and this morning, I continue.  


  1. (((Judy))) the glory of dawn always inspires as does your quiet stitching

  2. Whenever I see a sunset or a sunrise, I think about that little wedge of time carves it's way around the whole planet.

  3. to gaze upon water ... to see the open sky ... such gifts

    1. You are so correct Liz. I realize every day how lucky I am, and how much I am fed as a human by the water and the sky....both of them changing by the hour. xo

  4. briefly gorgeous about sums things up.

  5. Oh Judy, these sunrise pictures are such a heart blessing. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Those windows of opportunity can be so brief! Reminded of setting up a telescope so our jr hi kids (they came to school early for it) could watch the transit of Venus (was living in Germany). I'm not a pro with the telescope and we had to aim in a short window of opportunity at a paper (no looking directly at the sun) but we managed to see it, take a couple of pictures and then the sun moved into a cloud bank. It was one of the best science days my colleague and I had!

    1. that's a beautiful story, thank you xo

  7. It must be so inspiring living on the Island, Judy - one day I will come there and take a ride around the whole thing and watch the water and the sun and sky. I live in a hay field with a wetland across the road... not much to see. Climate change is killing off so many trees here.
    Loved every bit of this post...


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