Monday, August 26, 2019

Magical Material Thinking

To Lips velvet, brass, porcelain, mirror 2019 by April Martin
This post is about our daughter's exhibition currently on at Harbourfront Centre of Craft and Design in Toronto.  Magical Material Thinking.
Romance Portal (detail) brass, wax  2019 by April Martin
The objects are whimsical hand made treasures created from solid materials that, like humans, change from within through experiences.
It's an exhibition of two artists, but this blog post is just about April's work.  It's up until middle of October at HarbourFront centre of craft and design where she is a resident artist.
"There is no denying the joy of encountering a group of objects that transport you to another
otherworldly place"  Melanie Egan, curator of Harbourfront Craft and Design
Ideal Solution pewter, cobalt carbonate fired to quartz inversion, earthenware 2019 by April Martin
I was able to attend the opening celebration on July 11, along with many of April's friends and family members.
Fashionista April in sky blue shoes.
Snek Out neon, earthenware, unfired cobalt carbonate 2019 by April Martin
"The sheer pleasure objects can evoke and the delight artists experience through their
engagement with making and materials is a cause to celebrate."  Melanie Egan
Brightening Visibly copper, wool, carbon fiber 2018 by April Martin
April made Brightening Visibly when she was home with Ned and myself the winter of 2018.  The title comes from a favourite saying of Ned's that she had heard since childhood.   It was his answer to questions or statements (mostly about food) such as me saying: "oh sorry, there's no more broccoli "  and him responding with a smile: "brightening visibly".
Hard to believe, but in the sculpture pictured below, there is no adhesive or indentation to keep the scales in balance.  Just balance itself.
Rising Libra fired and unfired cobalt carbonate, clay 2019 by April Martin
"Artist April Martin and designer-maker Natalie Sirianni present an exhibition of curious
objects and installations infused with the alchemical nature of materials, process, and thought. "
Melanie Egan, curator
cobalt carbonate in unfired state is pink

cobalt carbonate after firing in kiln changes colour to blue  Rising Libra detail
The photos in this post are from the opening, and suffer from the reflections on the glass cases.
Romance Portal
For much better photos and April's observations about the creation of this body of work, go to the blog Modernist Aesthetic.  
To Lips
Love you, proud of you, dear April xo


Jenny M said...

Creative genes must run in your family ~ how exciting to see your daughter's exhibition.

Mo Crow said...

such Magic in the making with deep understanding of the materials and process, you must be so proud and love April's pale blue oufit, trés cool!

Judy Martin said...

my eyes tear up xo

Hazel said...

Brilliant and loving creations and thoughts.

Liz A said...

to share a life in art ... what a gift ...