Tuesday, June 11, 2019

mystical landscape

go on
move forward
give myself to the open
 make my way without a map
 trust beyond measure
if something is to come, something sublime
it is through risk
leading no one knows where
because there are still flowers
there is the rose

the rose forever opening for the first and the last time
images of sky with many moons, wool, indigo, hand stitch, completed today,
text by Luce Irigaray
the title of the post is because I started reading Mystical Landscapes am filled with emotion by the words and images.        


  1. holding a piece of the sky in your hands

    1. you know how when you see a moon high up in the day time sky? I wanted to make something to remind us of this strange thing that happens so often, an everytday occurance, but rare. xo

  2. I was going to write more about how much the book Mystical Landscapes affected me in this post, but chickened out because...I don't know why. You know how, when you are really listened to by a friend or health care person, I mean really listened to...you start to cry? The connection that makes your heart burst? Does that happen to you sometimes? It does to me - and it happened to me when I began reading this book by Katharine Lochman. I felt understood, connected with, not alone. I began to tear up...and also felt elated. Some quotes below
    "the concept of a world of spirit thinly veiled by a world of matter has existed from time immemorial"
    "the desire to penetrate the veil and reach the ultimate reality has given rise to the trope of the spiritual journey .. the desire to udnerstand the secret mysteries of existence is as intense today as it has bene since the dawn of time."
    "through contemplation of the cosmos, our world, day and night,and all the elements, we havae always been open to mystical experiences"
    "the cosmos confronts us with phenomena greater than us - the sun, moon, stars, planets, eclipses, sunset, sunrise, constellations, galaxies, comets, the notrthern lights"
    "artists sought and sensed divine presence in the natural landscape and the cosmos"
    "mysticism is experiential. All mystical experiences are spiritual, not all spiritual experiences are mystical"

  3. i love the thin cloth, the fragility and then the strength of the stitch

  4. I’m in Verona with Sandra talking to me about her textile career and what direction she needs to take..trying to find a new focus and the path that will lead there. So interesting you are feeling a direction change at the same time.

    1. It is hard to re-invent. I went back to school in 2006 - and my work began to reflect my true voice xo


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