Wednesday, June 26, 2019

mississippi valley textile museum

I went to Ottawa in the middle of June to visit Grace and April joined us from Toronto.
On the Saturday morning, we drove over to Almonte to see Tania Love's exhibition on its final day.
Besides Tania's beautiful mixed fibre pieces, I wanted to re-visit the interesting and challenging gallery space at the mississippi valley textile museum.
The Rosamond gallery is on the main floor of what used to be a textile mill.  The thick walls and original windows have an authentic presence.
I'm extra interested because Penny Berens and I will be opening our own two person show in this gallery space in 2021 and I felt a need to walk through it.   I love this gallery space and have visited several times, one of those is described here.
Tania's work is hung from the ceiling and we moved among the vertical shapes.  There was an amazing communication between the kozo paper hangings and the spirit of this place.
 Lots of space for Penny and I.
Pathways: pigment on mixed fibre 2019  Tanya Love
The curator installs every exhibition with great respect.  In this case, these lightweight paper hangings that remind us of water tumble from the ceiling in variety of placements.  They evoke the river that runs through Almonte, and the waterfall in the center of town.  This exhibition honours water, our precious natural resource.
 Even the floor inspires me.
pathways 2019  pigment on mixed fibre  2019   Tania Love
On July 13, Those of Us Still Living,  an exhibition of repurposed denim by Jim Arendt opens at the MVTM.   Jim won the first place award at Fiberart International last month.    


  1. what a fabulous space for your show with Penny and love Tanya's work!

  2. Those water pieces are wonderful, you can just feel the flow. What a wonderful gallery.

  3. What gorgeous pieces, and thanks for sharing.


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