Monday, May 06, 2019

new work this spring

I spent a lot of time alone when I was a child.  I grew up on a farm near Fort Frances in North Western Ontario, and from an early age I realized that making things helped me to find my true self.  
At the age of 12 I began to sew my own clothes and also to sell the doll clothes I loved to invent.  As a teen, I attended some painting classes with my mother and was encouraged by the teachers. 
beauty emotion spirit soul    judy martin  49" square
It was still a happy surprise however that I eventually turned these childhood passions into accomplished hand stitched art made in Northern Ontario, Canada. 
my soft jewel-heart   judy martin  28 inches square before frame
The framed mini quilt is a new piece for the Perivale gallery's summer season, opening May 19 in Spring Bay Manitoulin island.
Beauty Emotion Spirit Soul is the title piece for the  exhibition that took place last month at One Sky gallery in Sudbury
The biographical text is a small section of the writing I apparently need to do for the new website, still under construction.  I have to make sure there are keywords within it.  It's hard, and I am starting to question and doubt.   


  1. Such beautiful pieces of work. You are such an inspiration to me.

  2. Questions and doubt.... hmmm your blog is always full with thought, and your work is that too as well as being beautiful. Why would that not be enough for a new website?I would say simply continue... key words are for others to think, kind of like short cuts, and that is not your way. I believe why is the most important question and doesn’t have to be answered for everyone.

  3. Both bring me joy and inspiration...and the patchwork piece in particular...mind humming...Thank you!

  4. 'beauty emotion spirit soul' the title and photo of this work holds your keys in my heart

  5. Always a joy to be with you in these words and works.

  6. I so love this piece: my soft jewel-heart. It's so rich and the handwork so consoling (as usual) - I'd love to be able to create something even half as beautiful. I'm just taking up quilting again after not working with textiles for over 10 years. I want to slow-stitch and enjoy the process not worry about the product! You are an inspiration!


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