Friday, May 03, 2019

all at once

new work
Layers.  Horizontals.
Plant-dyed,light-weight cottons and silks.
Small pieces of cloth, each ironed in half and the fold stitched.
Then joined together into rows.
 All by hand.
Yesterday, I worked in my Little Current studio
(10 foot walls and good light)
I'm basting the pieced strips to a lightweight foundation.
I am trying to express what it feels like to look at the sky
Looking up.

the cosmos ...... the earth......  the atmosphere
At home, I am sorting.
Spring is here.


  1. always by hand, really LOVE this new piece, stitching the folds is a spark of genius (I think I will use this.....)

    1. I am excited by this piece. It is a new direction.

  2. I watch this with interest -- first, because it's so BIG! -- and second, because out here the sky is also so BIG -- but very blue or blue-with-clouds or winter white or "fifty shades of grey" and the clouds are a continual fascination. So I am trying to envision a caramel sky...and look forward to seeing more on this work!

    1. yes, this is a big piece.
      The plant dyes have dictated the colour - the earthiness of this sky I am constructing. Trying to express what it 'feels' like to look at the sky - unnamable but profoundly inter-connected to so much. xo

  3. P.S. We have a bigger sky out here because while there are stands of trees, the prairie isn't forested the way your island is. Hugs!

  4. Love the size, the colours and the different fabrics combined. And I admire your patience (or is it mindfulness - for me it is) in stitching it all.

  5. You are making me consider interior space.


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