Thursday, April 18, 2019

Alicia Henry

I went back to the Powerplant last week to see Alicia Henry's powerful exhibition, Witnessing for the second time.
 "Henry creates two-dimensional singular figures and group compositions that are commanding in their grace and expressiveness. "
 "Tender renditions of mother and child appear, as do groupings of more females that signifiy formations of families within communities"
 "Through their direct gaze and erect composure, Henry's multigenerational survivors exude a powerful strength and confidence.  They stand in anticipation of an egalitarian future - a utopian goal that underpins much of Henry's work"

 I am visiting the Powerplant in Toronto more this year because our daughter April (in above photo to demonstrate the gigantic scale of these wall mounted figures) is working right next door at Harbourfront craft and design studios as a resident artist this year.
I want to share the powerful simplicity and the confident handling of materials by Alicia Henry.  I was really moved and inspired by this exhibition. 
All text in quotes is from the pamphlet provided by The Power Plant. 


  1. Such powerful work. Definitely need to read more about her work. Thank you for sharing her work.

  2. Wonderful - thanks for the intro!


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