Thursday, April 11, 2019

monumental simplicity

The installation of the work in this space at One Sky is celestial.
The pieces are like stars in a constellation, each in its place yet connected to the others with invisible power lines.
Monumental Simplicity is part of this exhibition.

I made it in 2012, the thesis piece for my UK degree. 
A large ‘empty’ square.
with a horizon
and repetitive small marks that distract the eye just enough.

More images of this exhibition are here.


  1. such a beautiful body of work

  2. Truly remarkable, inviting, enticing - done by such an incredibly talented woman. I feel proud to know you and follow your career since we met ... a year or two ago.

    1. More like 40 plus years ago dear Pat. And we go on xo

    2. Indeed Judy. My admiration for you and your artwork continues to grow and grow. Every oeuvre d'art yields another awe. Always delighted to experience the next work and reacquaint with previous works assembled into exhibitions. Never stop.

    3. no plans to stop. Lots of ideas inside me still xo


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