Thursday, March 28, 2019

are fairies real?

  I drove myself into the city last weekend so that I could spend some time with the 5 year old.
mommy-princess-fairy by aili
I usually avoid doing that drive by myself because of the merges and the exits and the speed of the 400 highways in southern ontario.
 I'm home now and finishing up this small piece for the Perivale gallery.
daddy-prince-fairy by aili
 Are elves real?
My friend Jane has advised  that I put this section of piecework into a frame.
(rather than insert it into larger textiles like I tried here and here.
So that's what I am planning to do for now.
fairy king by grandmom, daddy-fairy-prnce by aili
My grand daughter and I took turns with the ball point pen in my journal.

( what the world needs now is time to think - alighiero boetti  )
fairy nanny by aili
are fairies real?


  1. Oh, Judy. Those precious grandchildren we have. Her drawings are the purest.
    I have a grandson who is six. He draws and I have stitched a patch for my old coat with his dragon. (Are dragons real?) The one-yr-olds have scribbled in my journal, too. Is heaven real?

  2. I have no experience with grandchildren, but your five-year old grand-daughter sounds lovely. As for the small piece -- I agree with Jane. It has a particular beauty all its own to show the world. Just like your grand-daughter -- and you! :-)

  3. Splendid idea to share your journal for sketching with grand-children, no worry about losing precious pieces of loose paper with the treasured drawings. Yes, do go with the frame idea, show off the jewels in this little piecer.


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