Thursday, June 28, 2018

and it rains

Q  what is the most important thing?

A  time,   there isn't enough
Q  what is the difference between thinking and feeling?

A  i don't know
a recent dream

I made paintings and they were beautiful,
and I wrote a poem along the bottom of them
and bound them all into a book

then I started over
and dreamed some more

in the continuing dream
I photographed the beautiful large wide country field of my childhood
and each photo came quickly and easily
that dream field from my childhood was beautiful
In my dream, the seasons flew by
and I took photos

fresh green spring
dark green summer with daisy and buttercup dots
tan brown sparse autumn with red leaves
amazing vistas

and I bound them into a book
last week I was listening to CBC
and learned that the Quaker community
is comfortable with uncertainty
because they gather and sit in silence.

Q  what do you believe?
A  I don't know

They figure out what they believe by being silent.
I want to work from my heart trusting my self

my hands are the way to let my heart out
aili with lady bug
I think about Paterson Ewen and his work
He used power tools to carve large images inspired by the power and wonder of nature
judith evelyn grandmom with maia
and his images feel like something
as much as they look like something

more on the edge between what we know
and what is unknowable
and it rains


  1. The most extraordinary Cloth yet, and the thoughts shared. These too.

    1. thank you Grace. So nice to hear from you - I appreciate your thoughts on my writing, I admire your writing xox

  2. Oh my !!! this is such a special one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh this is so special.............

  4. oh my giddy aunt (((Judy))) your Ito Moon dances!

  5. Sitting in silence in nature with an open heart is never time wasted. I should do that more often. Thanks for reminding me.
    Moon dreamer spread out on solid rock looking up at the sky where it belongs.

  6. PS...Do you remember ‘At the Centre of the Body is the heart’....That is what came to mind when I read your thought that you want to create from the heart. You always have!

    1. thank you dearest. I do remember the piece you are mentioning here - in the center of that quilt were small embroidered drawings on pale blue fabrics, and it was framed with white buttons. The title is "In the Center of the Body is the Soul"...not heart as you remember. But maybe heart and soul are the same thing. love you xo

    2. it was made in 1996 - over 20 years ago. here is a link that will bring up an image

  7. So moving,as ever, Judy.

  8. “My hands are the way to let my heart out.”

    That resonates so strongly. I thank your hands and heart for this. I thank my hands and heart. ❤️🙏🏻

  9. liking your thoughts today as i think.


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