Monday, May 21, 2018


I'm obsessed with the stitching I'm doing these days.
I fall into it.
I need to hold myself back from doing it all day.
Diagonal marks with wool thread,
alternating straight lines with curved,
I consciously attempt to make an eye bending experience.
I want to reach
a place of texture
that is untethered to conscious thought
like a dream is

like when you close your eyes
and retreat into your own body
and slow way down
"I want to get to non art.
non geometreic, non anthromorphic, non-notthing.
Another kind.  Another vision.  Another sort.
From a totally other reference point.  Is it possible?"
Eva Hesse
this stitching has driven me further into solitude
I feel guided by something ...

its out of my hands
The piece I'm working on is the second daily practice.  The other two are shown above (their backs)
(see here for story)  (also here )
I'm also reading old journals again

and then wrapping them gently with wool cloth, stitching them shut
I read today that:
are what makes Canadian art what it is.
"Something in me loves works of art that have within them the sense that they have only just survived their making.  In the end, you shouldn't know what is fiction and what is not. " Robert Frank


  1. (((Judy))) your stitching is so real and so true, you make Art with all it's magical ability to transform the viewer, you help me feel the world

  2. In this case, lost is found. The more interior you become, the more the work reaches out. How fortunate.

  3. Walk quietly into the chaos and you will find order.

  4. so many stitches ...!!!
    (busy hands ;-) ...)

  5. ~Reaching a place of texture untethered to conscious thought~
    Your post made me swoon, Judy. When you said you had to pull yourself back from stitching all day, I wanted to shout “Don’t!”

    And I also wanted to whisper to you that I love artists that seem as if they have only just survived their making. I feel you heard me.

  6. The movement in this piece .... moves me

  7. Those backs ... soft echoes, they always call to me

  8. wow-this piece is amazing.

  9. Lovely work, Judy, and I totally understand that obsession - I make little fabric bags from scraps and find myself saving smaller and smaller snippets just so I can stitch & manipulate them. It's getting so nothing gets thrown away cos with water soluble fabric, even threads can be used again .... crazy, I need to let some things go, ha-ha!


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