Saturday, May 26, 2018

I was here

I really don't know what I want to say about these two new pieces.
It took most of the morning to put them in the shadow-box frames
and then package them up in cardboard to ship.
love meditation: moon and time
One of them is a donation to a fund raising auction for the Thunder Bay art gallery.
The other, a gift.
like all my work, these are personal communications
they are about

who I am
where I live
what I love
they also show how
important time and labour are to me

as both these aesthetics are evident
 watercolour on paper
hand work shows my humanity
the marks are tenuous, wavering,
they demonstrate vulnerability
indigo dye, stitch resist, with hand stitch added 
both these pieces are examples of determination
of will
of a need to complete the task at hand to my best ability

they are both careful work
It  took me a week to
complete this watercolour study of a quilt that I would like to make
some day
Agnes Martin came to mind
I keep writing these blog posts about my work.
It seems important to say it.

I was here.


  1. I'm in love with youe blue moon love meditation and these studies on blue in watercolour!

  2. You are still there in each and every.

  3. Your words are important to us.

  4. These pieces read as maps to me ... geographies of self

  5. I'm glad it seems important to say because I know it feels important to see and hear what you feel moved to create. Thank you.

  6. Our quilts, works of art, all are reflections of who we are. I am fortunate to know you through your work while we both are here... Hugs

  7. Love the unfinished watercolour too ;-)

    Do I see it right : cloth on paper and paper on cloth ?

    (Mmmmmm, that shibori moon !)

  8. Wow, I read that someone said they look like maps, I thought something very similar when I first saw them. I love the colors and the Intense texture in both stitching and the watercolor. Just wow

  9. I am really thankful that you share your thoughts about what you do and why, because I share this way of understanding art, but I am not able to put it in words. Yours give me clarity.

  10. These pieces both complement each other so beautifully. I can’t believe you let go of your quilt study so’s recipient must be very special to receive such a gift. ❤️

  11. At the risk of sounding VERY cheesy, I am so glat you're here and i hope you always will be.

  12. i love how rich and vulnerable these feel, though they are strong visually, each tiny mark adding up to a remarkable piece.

  13. The tiny triangles caught my eye right away. Sails against the sky.

  14. You being here is important to me and the art world. You give inspiration by sharing your talent to all of us that visit. Your work is AMAZING ...


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