Wednesday, February 14, 2018

life affirming

When I make a baby quilt, I go off track in regard to my arty ideas.

Baby quilts are meant to be used and they are automatic heirlooms.
The reverse applique is finished.
The variety of greys are from local plants, the reds are from procion.
Velvet applique in organic cotton.
This one is for my one year old baby, Maia Wren.

It will be saved by her.  Way past my own life time.
I am giving something more than cloth and labour.
More even than my creativity.
I am giving pure love.
the front
It is my fourth grand-child quilt.
the back
put goodness into the world
count on its rippling effect
These baby quilts are personal

and I believe that they have a powerful beauty.
A beauty for the future.
I believe in the future.
I would not be making things without that kind of surety.

Those of us who make things affirm life.
The emotions of caring and hope and love and a little worry are transferred into my work

through touch.


Penny said...

Wonderful,I tend to embroider blankets. Would love to make a quilt but alas I am really not a quilter. A new great grandson due in June. A long time between girls.

Mo Crow said...

that last photo with your hand conjures up all the hands that will touch this gift if love

Mo Crow said...

of love there is never an if!

Ms. said...

They ripple out to all of us too
Affirming and confirming life loved.

Liz A said...

I have scrolled through this post again and again ... like stroking a much-loved cloth, my eyes resting on words, on forms, on colors, on light ... such a gift to Maia ... such a gift to us

Thank you, as always ...

jude said...


Tina said...

This is beautiful-I love your work on baby quilts, all different and works of art. I think someone said they looked at the pictures many times-me too

Anonymous said...

powerful beauty - yes! I love the idea of 'automatic heirlooms'!

Sue McQ said...

Friend...can I be one of your granddaughters? I will have to split my time between you and Liz Ackert as I have already asked to be one of her's! Your gift of time, talent and treasure resounds in this quilt. May I ask what type of marking tool you use for the lettering?

Judy Martin said...

Sue, of course you can be one of my grand daughters. how will explain that to Ned though?

re: the marking tool I use - I just use a very soft 7 B pencil. The organic cotton is so thin that I make my design on paper first and then trace it onto the cloth afterwards. It is a good question though, because it took me an entire morning to figure out how to do it. Placing the words was a most important design concern.

thanks for all comments here xoxo

Nancy said...

The gift, your gift is real and wide. Thank you.

Deb Lacativa said...

This is beautiful. A reminder for me to put function over form for these gifts that will be used, loved, used some more.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

I love this whole post! The quilt and your thoughts/words are beautiful! As always so inspiring.