Monday, December 18, 2017

the reason we are here is to grow

Untitled felt on felt 2017 by William J O'Brien
Festive Greetings from my family to yours.

This felt on felt artwork is by William J O'Brien, and I saw it on Saturday, part of his solo show at Shane Campbell Gallery,  Chicago, Illinois USA.
It has so much positive energy and exhuberance.

It feels to me like how I feel when I am in the USA.
This is my fifth trip to the United States in 2017.
All of them have been really positive experiences, full of energy.

Chicago, Lincoln, Athens and Rosendale, Anchorage, Chicago
Full of friendly people and beautiful landscapes.

Ned and I are here to see April's two exhibitions and to bring her  home to Canada.
We drove along Lake Michigan and will return the same way.  It's a big land.

Look at the circles and the hands and the upward energy in this large applique. (60 x 72 inches)
The wintery palette.   
William J O'Brien, thank you for reminding us that the reason we are here is to grow. 


  1. Blessings to thee and thine, fair weather for your return and JOY TO ALL.

  2. That is so beautiful. What a lovely way to end the year!

  3. Bright and happy holidays to you and your family, Judy. I have found so much joy by visiting you here in 2017.

  4. I too love the energy of that piece -- and that in the US...but I cannot take it for long. I rest in the big sky and rolling prairie and stands of aspen birch around me and am thankful. Blessings for Christmas to you and yours, dear friend, and for a wonderful new year!

  5. Too bad we could not have connected while you were here as we live about 25-30 miles from downtown Chicago. Blessings.

  6. Thanks for sharing O`Brien`s work. It is beautiful indeed.

  7. such beautiful work, so alive, just asking to be touched along with your words making my heart sing (((Judy))) have a wonderful Solstice, Christmas and New Year!

  8. Anonymous3:50 am

    Thanks for a great quote to start the day. Totally agree. Merry Christmas! Angiexx

  9. What a great link to William J. O'Brien. His work is alive, his story resonates...
    Have a wonderful holiday with your girl in the nest and the rest of your family. Love and Hugs

  10. I have written about Bill O'Brien before - he was one of April's ceramic teachers at school of the art institute in her first year. He does very spontaneous work in both ceramics and textiles and I hope to write more about his exhibition at this gallery in future.

    Best wishes to all of you my friends, and thank you for visiting and for commenting. It means a lot to me. xoxo

  11. Happy holiday Judy to you and your family, only a few days more and the light is coming back..........

  12. Inspiring piece--and inspiring blog! Thanks, Judy, for sharing your life, thoughts, and art with us. Happy Solstice!

  13. This is beautiful. It has so much movement, but is soft and quiet at the same time. It is very inspirational.


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