Tuesday, December 12, 2017

medicine earth

I have been spending the last ten days in uncertainty
working on this eco printed 2 sided piece.

I can not tame it into my aesthetic.
It roils and bubbles and gets lumpy and ugly.
I can't seem to please it.
I can't seem to find my way with it, and yet it holds such promise with its beautiful earth - archteype- thin place lovliness/anxiousness

I can't just abandon it.
It is typical of what so often happens for me with dyed fabric.
An example of how hard it is to be simple.
I respond to the marks made by the bundled plants
I respond to the beatuiful accidents and want to sing along with them.
But when I do that, the aesthetic of simplicity that holds my work steady
is abandoned.

These marks are exciting.
Is it possible to carry their energy with my hands back to my simple quiet spirit home?

and also dance with them in their own space?
Yet these exciting and beautiful marks resist me.
They are too strong.  They are willful
They are difficult.
I sit and stare at it a lot.
Does it need some colour?  I pin pink linen to lower right.
Does it need a red bit?  I pin a thin horizontal line.
I make a red cross.
I make black and white borders.

I need to work through this piece.
It needs me.
I've experienced some loss recently

I need to be needed.

Making is medicine for me.
Art work made by hand is a physical outward attempt
to communicate something terribly inner.

(from an old journal)
The archetypal shapes are helping me.

the circle
the cross
the grid

Marks that connect human psyche across time and place.

painting is so difficult, life is so short 
                                                                                                            Louise Bourgeois


Unknown said...

THANK you for sharing this journey ... reading the thoughts that inspire the piece or is it the piece that inspired the thoughts? Like the season it brings me comfort and joy.

Ms. said...

Life is so short - Everything is so difficult -So we go on and on with it.
Simple as that dear Judy.

Roxanne said...

Sharing your sense of struggle here, Judy. But we must persist to discover new questions.

Velma Bolyard said...

you will sort it. some things go easy, maybe this is going hard for a reason, maybe you'll find it out.

Lorie McCown said...

Sort of like a child.

Marianne Hall said...

It always needs a 'red' bit. Good Ol' Louise. Hugs. OX

eb said...

oh my oh my
how I love this!
comfort and joy

Mo Crow said...

Wow! what a beauty, you are a treasure!

deemallon said...


Adele Thomas said...

This is so perfect thank you. I needed to see and read this today.

Margaret said...

No light without dark; no joy without pain; no summer without winter..."Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." (Ps. 30:5)...

susan hemann said...

such insight, let it flow-if it's calling, answer
sorry to hear about your loss
an amazing piece of work

Patricia said...

Oh Judy, Thank you for your thoughts!that makes me feel less alone with this kind of feelings when I'm working. I need simplicity, I just don't need to add anything even if I need to create...

Carol Wiebe said...

Yes, the piece needs you. Your inner sanctum will prevail. Your hands will find their way. As they have before. And now that we have been given these tantalizing glimpses and understood something of your struggle, we need you to work through it.

Debbie said...

It will speak to you, I also find it very hard to work with hand dyed cloth. Whether to add different cloth, which marks to enhance, clothes like these need time and patience and then they reveal themselves

Nan Okeefe said...

I understand this very well.
The eco fabric is perfect and completely liberated by the eco dye process -unique and one of a kind.
But, it needs something from me-what?
And the crux of the matter is- it doesn’t really need me, but I need to complete forming it in some manner.
Your adding archetypical shapes to your cloth, is a good solution to re enter the primal beauty of the eco dyed fabric.

Heather said...

I like your dialogue with the fabric.

Kristin said...

Reading today my "self" felt a part of the thread, going in and out of the cloth, working the stitches to make story on the cloth...thank you for the words and stories, pictures visual and imagined...a beautifully expressed piece, Judy.

Fran said...

It is natural to create because we are to become like the creator.
And so we cook and clean and sew and tell stories.
More a discipline than a struggle,I think.