Saturday, October 14, 2017

started stitching again

Yesterday I started stitching again.
I needed to, so I did.
For me, stitching is like breathing.
Like heart beat.


  1. there is such a sense of peace & tranquility in the way you stitch through all the thicks and thins of life

  2. The heart beat becomes a hum .... when you're looking trough ...
    (don't quite get it : is there a circle on top of the cloth >>>)

  3. It is probably true
    "A stitch in time saves nine"


  4. Els
    good question. I am invisibly stitching the handkerchiefs embroidered last fall onto squares of damask table cloth....and then from the back side, cutting away the backing cloth to reveal the embroidered circles' reverse side...and then neatly using reverse applique to finish the red large dot. Making a two sided piece again - red dots showing on both sides of the white linen.

    I had to force this idea down while finishing up the work for my solo show. Now I find there are many many ideas bubbling up and demanding me to just do them.

    However - I am in a reverie. I look out the window over the horizon and just sit and stare. And pick up this complex work as a break from dreaming.


  5. (((((((((( i am sitting here, just content to look, not speak)))))))))))

  6. Your poetic words are beautifully reflected in your stitches. Just be...

  7. Me too...inhaling your energy today.

  8. We all relate who stitch....butI don't always listen and stay in the mometn.
    what a poignant reminder!


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