Monday, October 09, 2017

artist talk

there are two significant things that I can say about this new body of work

left is my open heart, right is longing cloth side a
the first is concerning the dreamworld within us

clouds of pale spaces
similar to nature's open horizon views
full of small marks that distract just the right amount
left is Bidwell, right is my open heart
the eye wanders
and so does the mind
bouncing and leaping from memory to future desires

our inner world
the cloud in me
the open spaces beg to be touched
cloud of time
'pet me
caress me' they say

touch helps us get to the dream world inside
the unique but repetitive marks touch the eye
the other significant thing about the work
is the process of making it

each of the pieces went through several experiences
to eventually arrive at simplicity
left is longing cloth side B, middle is earth and air, right is Sisu 
destruction and reparation
being ripped
having holes cut
earth and air
most use damask table-cloths
all went through the washer and dryer
some several times

this to embed their texture
and give them the beauty of
aged quilted cloths
left is Sisu, right is Bidwell
 two of them bled
basic goodness
This post shows images of the seven new pieces in the exhibition The Cloud In Me up now at the David Kaye Gallery in Toronto, until October 29 2017, posted for those who do not live near Toronto.

For those who live close enough, I hope that you will find time to visit the work in person.


Penny S. Gold said...

The show looks glorious--wish I were within range of Toronto!

Ms. said...

We feel by looking too and that will have to suffice 'cause I can't make it up to Toronto - but,OH these are stunning.

Olga Norris said...

Oh wondrous work! How fortunate those in Toronto who visit, who look, who see, and who feel. What an experience to make the pieces, and what an experience to encounter them.

Claudine said...

What a magnificent, magical work.
The slow and patient weaving between the thread of the fabric and the thread of your inner world is an invitation for everyone to connect with his inner world. Thank you for the gift of such beauty !

Roxanne said...

"touch helps us get to the dream world inside." Yes, yes, fingertips, a conduit to the soul of imagination.
Thank you for inviting touch into the experience. Your touch on these quilts is evidence of the vast sky within.

Vivian said...

Your work is beautiful Judy. Leaves me moved and speechless. Thank you for the pictures, since I won't be able to go to the gallery.

chnorby said...

Your work is absolutely breathtaking! I wish that I could see this show in person - it is so intriguing on so many levels. Thank you for this beautiful presentation. many OXOX's

jude said...

to finally arrive at simplicity is my favorite part.

Mo Crow said...

(((Judy))) thank you for this virtual view of your show, are visitors allowed to reach out and touch the cloth in real life?

Judy Martin said...

The little blue cloth in the basket is for visitors to touch. To hold up, to fold, to stroke. The other ones - sorry - this is a commercial art gallery and all pieces are white and are for sale - so in order to touch them, they need to first be purchased.

We need to just touch them with our eyes and imagination. xoxo

Velma Bolyard said...

so generous of you to provide a touch cloth. and, oh, my!

Unknown said...

Your work is amazing and I wish I could come to see your pieces in Canada.Any chance to exhibit in the UK? You would be so welcome

Penny Berens said...

Brilliant idea....the touching cloth.
As Velma says...oh, my!

Mystic Quilter said...

Thank you so much for sharing these images from your beautiful exhibition, glorious!

Robyn said...

The touch cloth is such a wonderful idea. The first thing I would want to do is feel the texture of your beautiful quilts. They are stunning!

Dana said...

And. Wow. The tactile quality of these works is such a siren song for touch, but the lyrical swoops and open spaces make a similar call to the mind and the eye. Really beautiful Judy.

susan hemann said...

such amazing work! would love to meet you in person, too bad I live so far

alsokaizen said...

This body of work is powerful. I wish I could see it up close! thank you for sharing it for those of us far away.