Wednesday, September 20, 2017

We are not ashamed of our helplessness

No one really wants to have perfection - we dream about perfection
 I am not what I am.  I am what I do with my hands
A work of art doesn't need to be explained.  If it doesn't touch you, then I have failed.

All text in this post from art 21 video interview with Louise Bourgeois. (including the title)
The images are from July.   The quilt shown in them has since been undone and now I am re-doing it for that exhibition in October.

I have been hunkered down with my needle and hoop for the months of August and September.  I am so focused on finishing up the large pieces for this show that I feel my self becoming lost.  And I've started to think that in the big picture of our world, an exhibition of my quilts is only a speck.

I do.  I un do.  I re-do.  Louise Bourgeois
Art is a guarantee of sanity.  Louise Bourgeois


  1. I've chosen Sanity for the name of my body of work. How that works with all you've said.

  2. stitching, for me, is a discipline, zen-like, calms my mind and soul-

  3. stitching is for me a meditation, a calm center - sanity, yes, it is my sanity


  4. there is such a deep sense of peace and love glowing from your art by the lake

  5. The place itself is art............

  6. Perfection comes with a price. More and more, I am trying to be good with perfectly imperfect. No human is perfect; therefore, the work we create with our hands, hearts and minds should have latitude.

  7. My goodness! What a view you have to stitch with. Just lovely.


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